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this legit?


Tom Tate is officially the best Pastor.

The United Church’s stance, in my dealings with it, has mostly been something to the effect of “We don’t really care if you don’t actually believe in God, just concede that there are worthwhile lessons to be had in the bible.” They have a very strong emphasis on community and taking care of each other in a time of need, and probably put the strongest backing behind gay marriage I’ve seen out of all the churches in Canada.

From what I understand, this was an ad campaign they ran up in Toronto;

As well as their “Language of God” campaign that was initially rejected by CBC for being “too controversial”. And by controversial, they meant “shows positive representation of various life experiences”.

As a former Methodist who still attends the occasional service to hear my mum sing, I can vouch for the friendly open-mindedness of Methodism. Not to mention the emphasis on kindness and love. My friend’s grandmother (a devout baptist from Arkansas) actually complained that they were talking as if the devil wasn’t real. The stories were told as stories, not history. What matters is the lesson the story teaches.

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