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Suranne Jones ('Doctor Who') interview on Cult Box


(possible spoilers if you click through the link)

The junkyard planet looks amazing - how much of it was a set and how much was added with CGI?

“I’m not sure if I can really say as I’ve not seen it, sorry! All I can say is that we filmed it in a quarry in Wales and we had to start at 5 in the afternoon, then I was getting in at 7 in the morning. So I was watching Daybreak or whatever as I was coming in after being in a freezing cold quarry all night. They created a world within the quarry that looked beautiful when it was lit in the middle of the night, but what I was told is that when I was pointing things out in this quarry, they’ve spent a lot of money on expanding this world. I’ve been told that it looks great.

“Me and Matt had a lot of fun together and I hope that comes across as well.”

Welsh quarries, guys! It’s always a Welsh quarry!
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