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Anonymous asked:

can u talk abt the cheese jokes and why they are awful and result in the complete assassination of sheogoraths character




YES. okay.

So, the background on the cheese jokes was a line in the Shivering Isles in which Sheogorath is addressing his champion (you) and he says the following:

Wonderful! Time for a celebration… Cheese for everyone! Wait, scratch that. Cheese for no one. That can be just as much of a celebration, if you don’t like cheese, true? You’ve run a maze like a good little rat. But no cheese for you yet. Well, maybe a little.

Now for some reason, a large amount of humor was placed on this line and that kind of snowballed into what we see today, which is Elder Scrolls Online Sheo. And I am almost at the point where I don’t want to consider ESO Sheo actually Sheo.

So, he says this line. In context, he is speaking about the fact you are scurrying around like a trained rat in a lab for him and he’s considering rewarding you for being a good, obedient little animal. It’s not just 'lol so randumb cheese xD' as it becomes in later games. So, all in all, this line isn’t that bad. What happens because of the fandom interpretation is. 

So, a large part of the fandom does the thing that happened with Sasha if you watch Attack on Titan or Alistair in Dragon Age. He mentions cheese once and the food is the main thing associated with his character instead of, you know, everything else about him. Instead of people knowing that there are two warring factions within his mind and all these different things said about him in books and lore (the fact he won a bet with Hircine by utilizing a baby bird, the fact he threw a moon at Vivec, the fact he created music by literally hollowing out a girl’s bones) they think of just ‘cheese!!’ when they think Sheogorath and that’s not alright. It turns him into a two-dimensional, flat, boring character when he is actually so much more.

Now, if this was stopped in Skyrim, the jokes would be here and there and that would be the end of it. But in Skyrim he makes more of them and focuses on this dumb ‘cheese’ thing, only perpetuating this misinterpretation of such an honestly interesting character further. He becomes known for idiotic and random antics rather than being truly insane. And in the Elder Scrolls online, his character is completely slaughtered and he is barely the character we see in lore and in Oblivion and the games before at all.

The entire quest is one giant cheese joke. He is in ‘Cheesemonger Hollow’, he makes repeated jokes in conversation with you, his dialogue is flat and boring. He follows this absolutely stupid formula for most of his lines that is basically cheese + bodily harm + pun = Sheogorath. When in reality there is a thousand different variables you can put into his lines and they utilize maybe three or four. Five, at the most. And that’s the interpretation people see, and continue to perpetuate, and so in effect this one joke has completely killed his character and made him into just some random idiot with a fair bit of power instead of the Daedric Prince of Madness. And that’s not okay.

tl;dr: Cheese jokes dumb down his character to the point where he becomes some stupid daedra with an affinity for cheese rather than the terrifying and wonderful personification of madness that he should be.


Also, when it comes to Skyrim, doesn’t he mention cheese, like… once?
Butterflies, blood, a fox, a severed head, and the cheese! To die for.
Unless I forgot another quote, that’s basically it? One singular mention that may just be a short reference to the Daedric quest Champion performed in Oblivion which involved a chunk of VERY smelly, rare cheese. And uh, that’s about that. That single exclamation was taken out and somehow became a huge deal. 

Not even going into ESO, omfg. 

Yeah! It was two lines. Out of the entirety of the rest of his dialogue. Every. Single. Line.

Such a shame to see the prince of madness and creativity dealt with so… uncreatively.

A Creepy Floating Orb That Captures and Replays Ambient Noise | Design | WIRED


This is terrifyingly awesome. I want to set loose a dozen of them into metropolitan areas and see what people do.

I would like to have one of these.


By Ken Ellis

In an unexpected setback, Oscorp Industries failed to secure a contract for the development of a flying suit with the United States military.  Sources say  the international conglomerate had been so confident of landing the contract they had already hired a congratulatory skywriting message over New York City that read: “Oscorp soars to success!”

Government sources hinted that the contract intended for military aerial reconnaissance and infiltration landed with a Los Angeles-based conglomerate with offices in Manhattan. Oscorp spokesman, Donald Menken, had no comment.

The losing bid repudiates two decades worth of research in electromagnetic anti-gravity conducted by Oscorp robotics division engineer, Dr. Adrian Toomes. When asked what this development meant for Toomes, Menken simply rolled his eyes and replied “Really? Why are you even asking me? No comment.”

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